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Motivation Concepts

Npow the need to make others behave in a way they

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Unformatted text preview: d no research to back it up - McClelland’s Theory of Needs o A theory that states achievement, power, and affiliation are three important needs that help explain motivation Need for achievement (nAch) Drive to excel, to achieve in relationship to a set of standards, and to strive to succeed Need for Power (nPow) • The need to make others behave in a way they would not have otherwise Need for affiliation (nAff) • The desire for friendly and close interpersonal relationships • - - Self- Determination Theory: A theory of motivation that is concerned with the beneficial effects of intrinsic motivation and the harmful effects of extrinsic motivation o People prefer to have control over their actions, so anything that makes a previously enjoyed task feel more like an obligation than a freely chosen activity will undermine motivation o Cognitive Evaluation Theory: A version of self- determination theory which holds that allocating extrinsic rewards for behavior that had been previously intrinsically rewarding tends to decrease the overall level of motivation if the rewards are seen as controlling o Self- concordance: The degree to which people’s reasons for pursuing goals are consistent with their interests and core values - Job Engagement: The investment of an employee’s physical, cognitive, and emotional energies into job per...
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