Motivation Concepts

Their job inputs and outcomes with those of others

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Unformatted text preview: s that behavior follows stimuli in a relatively unthinking manner o Social- learning theory: The view that we can learn through both observation and direct experience Attentional processes - people learn from a model only when they recognize and pay attention to its critical features Retention processes - A model’s influence depends on how well the individual remembers the model’s action after the model is no longer readily available Motor reproduction processes - After a person has seen a new behavior by observing the model, watching must be converted to doing Reinforcement processes - Individuals are motivated to exhibit the modeled behavior if positive incentives or rewards are provided o Types of Reinforcement Positive Reinforcement: rewarding good action and a good job Negative Reinforcement: Removing something that is bothering them (If Candace was shaking, and I did something, she stops) Punishment: Punishing wrong actions - Equity Theory/ Organizational Justice o Equity theory: A theory that says that individual compare their job inputs and outcomes with those of others and then respond to eliminate any inequities 4 referent comparisons • Self- inside: An employee’s experiences in a different position inside the employee’s current organization • Self- outside: An employee’s experiences in a situation or position outside the current employee’s organization • Other- inside: Another individual or group of individuals inside the employee’s organization • Other- outside: Another individual or group of individuals outside the employee’s organization Employees may compare themselves to friends, neighbors, co- workers, or colleagues in other organizations or compare their present job with past jobs Based on equity theory, employees who perceive inequality will...
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