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9 7 based on the table in 2003 the labor force

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Unformatted text preview: he labor force participation rate was ____. The unemployment rate = unemployed / labor force = 146,510 / 221,168 = 66% 8. Given the characteristics of the US labor market, which of the major industries does this graph of employment represent? a. Services b. Manufacturing c. Mining d. Construction The give away is the sharp decline after 2000 - so we are looking at the manufacturing industry. 9. Which of the following would be included in GDP? a. your sale of some Microsoft stock for a large capital gain b. your purchase of a US Savings bond c. your purchase of a new glasses for school d. the average value of your savings account for the year The only thing included in GDP would be your purchase of a new glasses for school 10. If I were interested in doing some international comparisons of improvements in the standard of living over the past decade, which of the following would be the best indicator? a. real GDP b. real GDP per capita...
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