ANATOMY Exam I - 1. Which of the following is (are)...

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1. Which of the following is (are) associated with the plasma membrane? a. Phospholipids b. Proteins c. Sugars d. All of the above e. a and b only 2. In the digestive tract, the presence of what structure in the muscle cells allows them to contract in unison? a. Gap Junction b. Tight Junction c. Plasma Membrane d. Desmosome e. Endoplasmic Reticulum 3. Keratin is a form of ___________ found in ___________. a. microtubule; epithelial cells b. microfilament; epithelial cells c. intermediate filament; epithelial cells d. microfilament; muscle cell e. intermediate filament; muscle cells 4. Which of the following is NOT an organ? a. Blood b. Skin c. Mucous Membrane d. a and b e. a and c 5. Which cytoskeleton element is primarily responsible for amoebid movement of a cell? a. Microtubule b. Microfilament c. Intermediate filament d. Keratin 6. What structure(s) contain epithelial cells? a. Serous Membrane b. Secretory Glands c. Hair Follicle d. All of the above e. a and b only 7. What term describes the fact that the tope and bottom of all epithelial cells look different? a. Basality b. Apicality c. Polarity d. Regenerability e. Avascular 8. An epithelial cell produces a produces a protein and transports it out to the external environment. What is the process called a. Absorption b. Secretion c. Excretion d. Filtration e. Protection 9. Pseudostratified epithelial cells are present in which of the following structures? a. Digestive tract b. Respiratory tract c. Bladder d. None of the above
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e. b and c 10. Epithelial cells form a barrier against the external environment. What structure prevents molecules from crossing this barrier via the space between the individuals epithelial cells? a. Desmosomes b. Gap junctions c. Tight junctions d. Microfilament e. a and c 11. You are presented with an unknown tissue. Under the microscope, the tissue contains abundant blood vessels and collagen fibers. What is this tissue? a. Epithelial tissue b. Cartilage tissue c. Bone tissue d. a or b e. b or c 12. Most cancer cells are ______ in origin and are called ______. a.
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ANATOMY Exam I - 1. Which of the following is (are)...

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