ANTH 152 - Everyday Expressions of Power

Can writing an ethnography be an act of domination or

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Unformatted text preview: and genres of resistance   Examples of ways of speaking that are valued:   Examples of genres or discourses of resistance: Ethnography and discourses of self and other   What is an ethnography?   Can writing an ethnography be an act of domination or at least mis ­representation? KWAIO example: How did the Kwaio of the Solomon Islands use ethnographic texts to challenge the state government?   Kwaio codify their culture through anthropology and are able to use that knowledge to demand political and cultural autonomy. Communication without words   Nigerian Women’s War   Examples of our own:   Summary: p. 220 Women’s use of language (or silence) as acts of resistance reveal contradictions in hegemonic systems. Eric Wolfe: Power   4 modes of power – think of examples of each of these   1) personal potency or capability   2) ego imposes its will on another through social action   3) tactical or organizational power – instrumentalities of power. The control of valued or vital resources.   4) structural power – the power to ‘deploy or allocate social lab...
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