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2 free radicals to one another 2 hydrogen terminafng

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Unformatted text preview: ine ­bearing Carbon is not aIacked H 145 H H diiodide Key Intermediates: 143 ­1.) FO 144 ­1.) HO F CO2H ditrifluoride S OF FO S H H 145 ­1.) H H (Less hindered I) TMS I F OF H H Nicolaou, Classics in Total Synthesis, 1996 15 Total Synthesis of hirsutene I H n-Bu3SnH, AIBN (cat.) H 134 5-exo-trig PhH (0.02 M in 134), reflux (80%) radical cyclization H H 133 H H 132 H 5-exo-dig radical cyc...
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