Read 1 for the system below with 06 n5 radsec obtain

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Unformatted text preview: For the system below with ζ=0.6, ωn=5 (rad/sec), obtain Damping ratio ζ & undamped natural frequency ωn Damping Pole locations Pole Delay time and rise time are not so easy to Delay characterize, and thus not covered in this course. For transient responses of high order systems, For we need computer simulations. Next, Root locus Next, 19 • • Percent overshoot ? 5% settling time ? 20 Exercises 2. For the system below, design K1 and K2 s.t. Percent overshoot is at most 20%? Percent Peak time is at most 1 sec.? Peak With designed K1 and K2, what is 5% settling time? With 21...
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