Time constant is 1n indicating time convergence speed

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Unformatted text preview: tant is 1/(ζωn), indicating Time convergence speed. For ζ>1, we cannot define peak time, peak For value, percent overshoot. (5%) (2%) 9 P.O. vs. damping ratio 10 Pole locations of G Poles (0<ζ<1) Poles Damping ratio Damping Next, we clarify the influence of pole location on step response. 11 12 Influence of real part of poles Influence of imag. part of poles Oscillation frequency ωd increases. Oscillation increases. Settling time ts decreases. Settling ts 13 Influence of angle of poles 14 An example Over/under-shoot decreases. Over/under Require 5% settling time ts < tsm (given): Require Im Re 15 16 An example (cont’d) An example (cont’d) Require PO < POm (given): Require Combination of two requirements Combination & Im Im Re Re 17 18 Exercises (Use a calculator if necessary.) Summary Transient response of 2nd-order system is Transient characterized by Read the related topics from the textbook. Read 1....
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