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3 4 how does dc motor work model of dc motor iat ra

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Unformatted text preview: g Lab 1 and 4.) 3 4 How does DC motor work? Model of DC motor ia(t) Ra (t) La Output Armature ea(t) (t) eb(t) (t) J Input Bm Armature circuit Mechanical load (from Dorf and Bishop book) 5 Modeling of DC motor: time domain 6 Modeling of DC motor: s-domain Armature circuit Armature Armature circuit Armature Connection between mechanical/electrical parts Connection Connection between mechanical/electrical parts Connection Motor torque Motor Back EMF Back Load torque Motor torque Motor Back EMF Back Mechanical load Mechanical Mechanical load Mechanical Angular position Angular Angular position Angular 7 8 DC motor: Block diagram Useful formula for feedback Tachometer (Page 46) Negative feedback system Ea Encoder (Page 44) Feedback system Memorize this! 9 Ex: Derivation of transfer functions 10 DC motor: Transfer functions (TF) Compute transfer functions from R(s) to Y(s). Ea Ea 2nd order system Ea Ea 11 12 DC motor: Transfer functions (cont’d) Note: In many cases La<<Ra. Then, an approximate...
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