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K b m k xt xt b m equation of motion equation by

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Unformatted text preview: ive values! K B M K x(t) x(t) B M Equation of motion Equation By Laplace transform (with zero initial conditions), By Newton’s law: F=ma Newton (2nd order system) 7 8 Gravity? Automobile suspension system automobile M1 x1(t) M K K suspension M2 wheel M tire B K1 f(t) f(t) x2(t) K2 At rest, At y coordinate: coordinate: x coordinate: coordinate: 9 10 Rotational mechanical elements (constitutive equations) Automobile suspension system Moment of inertia torque Rotational spring Friction B K Laplace transform with zero ICs J rotation angle Block diagram X2 F G2 X1 G1 G3 11 12 Torsional pendulum system Ex.2.12 Torsional pendulum s...
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