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If example mxtft mtxtft example for time invariant

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Unformatted text preview: not (do) change in time. if Example: Mx’’(t)=f(t) & M(t)x’’(t)=f(t) Example: For time-invariant systems: For 1st law: A particle remains at rest or continues to move in a particle straight line with a constant velocity if there is no unbalancing force acting on it. 2nd law: : translational translational Time shift Time shift Sys : rotational rotational 3rd law: For every action has an equal and opposite reaction For This course deals with time-invariant systems. This 3 4 Translational mechanical elements: (constitutive equations) Mass Spring f(t) f(t) M f(t) f(t) K f(t) f(t) x(t) x(t) Mass-spring-damper system Damper f(t) f(t) x2(t) B f(t) f(t) x1(t) x2(t) K B M x1(t) x(t) x(t) 5 Free body diagram 6 Mass-spring-damper system Direction of actual force will be automatically determined by the relat...
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