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7 8 feedback loop formulatfry feedback loop

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Unformatted text preview: 7 8 Feedback loop formula,TFR→Y Feedback loop formula,TFR→E Ea Ea The loop gain is the product of all transfer functions that form the loop Fg: Forward gain from R(s) to Y(s) G(s)K(s)(-1) Lg: Loop gain: G(s) Fg: Forward gain from R(s) to E(s) G(s)K(s)(-1) Lg: Loop gain: 1 9 Exercises 10 Summary and Exercises Block diagrams Block Elementary diagrams Elementary Feedback connections Feedback Next Next Linearization Linearization Exercises Exercises Obtain TFs from R to Y on the previous page. Obtain Obtain TFs from input F to outputs x1 and x2 for the Obtain quarter car problem in terms of G1, G2, and G3. 11 12...
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