Week 3: Getting Clear PreF2F Homework Assignment

An experience that relates to my example and is quite

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Unformatted text preview: experience that relates to my example and is quite similar is one that I had with my mother. My mother was telling me about a childhood experience she had and she was talking I was standing with my arms crossed and I was leaning back in my chair. She assumed that I didn't want to hear about it when in reality I was very interested and was getting in a comfortable position. 2. Why is it important to focus on developing life skills? It is important to focus on developing life skills because life skills will make or break relationships a person has in the future. If a person has great life skills and makes friends and creates relationships, this could potentially change your future. For example, at the beginning of my first year here at WSU I joined a sorority. Although I had to get out of my comfort zone and learn to make new friends, I knew it would pay off. I have made great friends with many girls, but one friendship in particular almost scored me a job. I had...
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