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Week 3: Getting Clear PreF2F Homework Assignment

I had applied for an position at the same place that

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Unformatted text preview: applied for an position at the same place that my sorority worked. Due to the fact that she knew me and was a good friend of mine, she put in a good word for me. I was able to schedule an interview, but unfortunately go very ill and had to miss it. The most important part of my experience is the fact that I have many good connections with the girls in my house that could benefit me later in life. 3. What is your personal intention for HD 205 this semester? My personal intention for HD 205 this semester is to become more effective and efficient when communicating. Learning the skill to become a better communicator in any situation is a skill that I find very crucial. Effective communication that I am searching for would be having the ability to get my point across during any kind of communication, whether it is with my family, employer's or co-workers. Efficiency skills in communicating that I wish to learn from HD 205 this semester would be avoiding any confusion when communicating. I hope...
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