Record frequency or intensity of events of interest

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Unformatted text preview: r intensity of events of interest. Collect data at the point of occurrence. Collect Avoid pitfalls of self-report data. Used in Marketing Research Observation Observation Pros Avoids memory errors Unobtrusive way of Unobtrusive measuring behavior may minimize Hawthorne Effect Cons Cons Can be expensive and Can time consuming Can be reactive Can Limited application: Limited Observable Variables Observable (no mental states) (no Must be brief if human Must observers are used observers Depth Interviews Depth Rely on self-report interviews to Rely measure attitudes or motivations measure Data collected has “depth” Data Spend time on a very narrow topic and let Spend respondents talk in a “free flow” manner respondents Usually conducted in-house Lengthy data collection sessions One-on-one or group-based Depth Interviews/Focus Groups Depth Pros Cons Allows fuller Allows Expensive on a per Expensive understanding of vague interview basis. interview conce...
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