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Unformatted text preview: pts concepts Because of cost and Because Useful for concept testing; Useful time, relatively few (Ex., FIAT Mio) (Ex., people will be depth Useful for assessing noninterviewed. verbal behav., reactions to verbal Compromises sample discomfort, stress, or representativeness representativeness surprises (Ex., Executive or high-status job interviews) interviews) Research Design: Research Track Change over Time? Cross-sectional design: Collect data only once Collect Most often used with survey and Most descriptive research descriptive Longitudinal design: Measure same individuals at different Measure points in time Establish cause/effect relationships Track changes in attitudes, knowledge, Track skills, behaviors over time (Ex., Training Effectiveness) Effectiveness) Longitudinal Research Designs Longitudinal Pros Tracks people over time, Tracks so that indv changes can be measured and error is minimized minimized Long-term commitment to Long-term the research organization = greater willingness to take time with the diary or questionnaire questionnaire Cons Expensive: Often Expensive: give/pay people something Many people are unwilling to participate long-term long-term Are participants truly Are representative of the population of interest? population Attrition (drop...
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