Population attrition drop outs types of research

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Unformatted text preview: outs) Types of Research Design Types Exploratory Exploratory Use when area is new, vague. Need initial Use exploration of ideas. Ex., Understand major differences between Ex., Japanese and American Management Styles Tend to use qualitative techniques like focus Tend groups, observation, depth interviews groups, Types of Studies Types Descriptive Document what is actually occurring Use survey methods, observation, or interview Most quantitative data is used and analyzed in Most descriptive form descriptive Types of Studies Types Correlational Measure variables then test for expected Measure relationships relationships No manipulation of study variables No Cause/Effect established; causation must No be inferred be Most often used approach in organizational Most research research Types of Studies Types Experimental Experimental Ex., Greenburg’s Justice Studies Ethics is a really big issue here. Can’t run Ethics humans through experiments like rats. Can’t subject them to harmful conditions. Can’t...
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