Ask some quantitative questions on a likert ask scale

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Unformatted text preview: ative questions on a Likert Ask scale (5 – Agree to 1- Disagree) scale Ask some qualitative, open ended questions General Steps in the Research Process: Research 1. Define a Problem or Opportunity: Reasons for Research (5 Ws 2 Hs) What is known? Opinion (Subjective) vs. Facts Opinion (Objective) (Objective) Any Risks? General Steps in the Research Process: Research 2. Develop conceptual model/hypotheses 2. Develop 3. Develop a research design 3. Develop 4. Prepare research materials Prepare 5. Collect the data 5. Collect 6. Analyze the data Analyze 7. Draw conclusions relative to the research hypotheses hypotheses GROUP PROJECT GROUP ASSIGNMENT: ASSIGNMENT: Design a Study of Factors Contributing to Customer/Staff Satisfaction (including dissatisfaction) for an organization (or a product/service provided by that organization) organization) GROUP PROJECT GROUP TASKS FOR PRELIMINARY REPORT 1.Design a conceptual model of Design Customer/Staff Satisfaction Customer/Staff Define your target population on which model Define is based is 1.Design a measurement mode...
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