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Design a measurement model linked to design your

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Unformatted text preview: l linked to Design your conceptual model from which you will develop a customized survey develop Develop a Conceptual Model Develop Conceptual framework that proposes Conceptual relationships between abstract concepts relationships Express models in 3 ways In words (explain concepts and relationships) In equations In graphs We will express theoretical models using We words and graphs. words Graphing a Conceptual Model Graphing Abstract concepts are represented in ovals Abstract or ellipses or Example, 3-predictor model NOTE: Example, Each path in the with one criterion variable with Predictor 1 Predictor 2 Predictor 3 Dependent Variable/ Criterion model represents a hypothesized relationship for the variables on each end of the arrow. For variables not connected by an arrow, the implied hypothesis is NO relationship. Develop a Measurement Model Develop A measurement model specifies how each measurement conceptual variable will be measured conceptual Abstract concepts in ellipses ( ) Actual measures of concept in boxes ( One Stop Shopping Proximity to home/work No long check out lines Available Parking Factor 1: Grocery Store Convenience Easy to get in, get out ) Putting a Model into Words Putting Conceptual Definitions: Conceptual Explanation of the general meaning of each Explanation concept in your model ( ) concept Operational Definitions: Operational For each concept, explain the method of For measurement(s) ( ) Ex., Flirting in the Workplace Self-report checklist, Other-report survey, 3rd Party Observation Observation Overall Conceptual and Measurement Model Measurement i1 i2 Predictor 1 i3 i1 Predictor 2 i2 i3 Predictor 3 i1 i2 i3 Dependent Variable/ Criterion...
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