budget should affect a companys annual revenue

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Unformatted text preview: s annual revenue revenue Use multiple regression to test a model that Use includes these 3 predictors includes In SPSS, Run a Multiple Regression: Revenue (Y), 3 Causal Factors (Xs) Causal And here’s what we get… And Use Unstandardized Coefficients Use to create Regression Equation to Paste Coefficients in at Multiple Regression Causal Model And here’s our final look… And Finding the best “Fit” Steps: Steps: » Gather the necessary and sufficient data. Gather necessary sufficient » Plot the data. (e.g. Scatter plot or time series Plot plot) plot) » Use trial-and-error by testing several possible Use models (causal and time series) models » Compute forecast accuracy measures Finding a “Fit” Forecasting Models Models Steps: » Compare the forecast accuracy measures of Compare various models various » You may pick a model with a little more average You absolute errors (MAD) if it is less biased absolute...
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