variable you want to forecast or criterion predict

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Unformatted text preview: or Criterion predict predict Predictor V.: Change over time Time periods (i.e., Years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, Time 2003) are dif. levels of the predictor 2003) Predict future values using beta weight of Predict predictor predictor In SPSS, Run a Simple Regression: Revenue (Y), Year (X) Revenue Look at the Unstandardized Coefficients in the Regression Output in Coefficient sa Model 1 (Constant) Year Unstandardized Coefficients B Std. Error -2646.7 598.797 1.341 .300 a. Dependent Variable: Revenue Standardize d Coefficients Beta .790 t -4.420 4.463 Sig. .001 .001 Paste Coefficients in at TREND MODEL TREND and get this… Quantitative Forecasting Techniques Techniques Causal Modeling Identify potential factors (predictors other than Identify change over time) that affect the variable being forecasted being Ex., Price, Promotion Budget, and R&D Ex., Budget should affect a company’...
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