7 step 3 decide on final model and create step scale

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Unformatted text preview: ecide on final model and create STEP scale scores accordingly scale STEP 1: Run a FA on items related to one factor related Interpretation: One factor solution Keep all items Step 2: Run Reliability Analysis on items related to one factor on Interpretation: - Scale reliability acceptable at .766 - Could increase reliability by .01 dropping item wl4. Decision: Increase is minimal & FA concluded item wl4 was strong. Keep wl4. Include in scale average. Create Scale Scores Create Once you have determined your final Once measurement model, create Scale Scores for each factor/construct in your model. for To create Scale Scores for Factors To Aggregate across only good items that belong Aggregate to a given factor to Aggregate items by averaging across each Aggregate participant’s scores on good items; each person gets their own aggregate Scale Score for a factor for Compute a New Variable Compute Name and Calculate New Variable New Each Person Gets Average Scale Score Average NOTE: Each person gets her/her own scale score average New Scale Variable is Valid and Reliable Ready to be used as a predictor in Regression Analysis...
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