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70 4 validity rxy extent to which inferences made

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Unformatted text preview: dity (rxy) Extent to which inferences made from scores Extent on a test are accurate and meaningful on The ultimate goal: Construct Validity The Construct Validity To what extent does a measure really reflect the To underlying construct? underlying Construct Deficiency Construct Construct Contamination 5 Establish Validity and Reliability Establish Cannot establish validity and reliability on Cannot a single item. Must consider 3+ numeric items that measure the same thing or are part of the same scale (e.g., Convenience Scale) same Establish Validity and Reliability Establish STEP 1: Run Factor Analysis to test STEP Construct Validity of measurement model (test for number of factors and test item(test construct links) May change # of factors &/or drop bad items STEP 2: Run Reliability Analysis (α > .7) STEP 3: D...
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