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does work sample include all aspects of work tasks

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Unformatted text preview: ? Predictive validity: Accuracy in prediction of a future event Ex., Use Extraversion score to predict one’s future Ex., sales performance sales Federal guidelines for establishing predictive rxy 13 13 Survey Design Basics Survey Identify constructs of interest Develop Measurement Models Brainstorm Write Items Measure Interesting Background Variables Measure Design Survey Layout Design Survey Design Basics Survey Identify Constructs Under Investigation Ex., Factors affecting Customer Satisfaction Ex., at Rouse’s at Convenience Product Quality Product Availability Service of Staff Price Each main factor represents a general Each construct. construct. Survey Design Basics Survey For each construct, write multiple items to For “tap” it. “tap” Items should be more specific than the Items general construct general Should write 5-6 questions per factor with Should response options that yield quantitative data response For your group projects… For You should write items to measure: 1- Factors that contribute to customer 1satisfaction satisfaction Based on 4-5 general constructs 2- Customer Satisfaction (Outcome variable) Overall Satisfaction Overall Store Loyalty Store Willingness to recommend to a friend How soon do you plan to return? Measuring More than Satisfaction Measuring What this mean...
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