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Unformatted text preview: of Internal An Consistency Reliability Consistency Job Satisfaction Supervisor Task Variety Coworkers Work Schedule 9 Internal Consistency Reliability: Inter-Item Correlations 1 1. I get along with my boss. 2 3 4 5 - 2. I can talk to my boss about things that I don’t like at work. .65 - 3. My boss respects me and my talents. .74 .53 - 4. My boss corrects my work behavior without being critical. 5. My coworkers are more like friends than work associates. .80 .69 .77 .09 -.05 .00 .06 10 10 SPSS Output SPSS Step 1: Interpret scale alpha, > .7 minimum Step 2: Interpret Weak items (alpha if item deleted is higher than scale alpha) vs. Strong items (alpha if item deleted is lower than scale alpha) Validity Extent to which inferences made from scores Extent on a test are accurate and meaningful on The ultimate goal: Construct Validity The Construct Validity To what extent does a measure really reflect the To underlying construct? underlying Construct Deficiency Construct Construct Contamination 12 12 Types of Validity Content validity Extent to which a measure assesses every aspect of the Extent related construct Ex., Does work sample include all aspects of work tasks...
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