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Measuring more than satisfaction measuring what this

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Unformatted text preview: s for item writing: item How will you tap the constructs accurately How ensuring reliability and validity in reliability validity measurement? measurement? Use multiple items per construct!! Use multiple Use reverse-worded items: Don’t just Use measure the high end of a construct measure Example for Satisfaction with Supervisor: Example “My boss does not listen when I try to My communicate my problems at work.” communicate Item Writing Item USE Likert Response Scales when USE possible possible 1 “Very Dissatisfied” – 5 “Very Satisfied” Yield metric data AVOID Yes/No response formats Short – try for 3-4 pages max Literacy assumptions and the “twosyllable” rule Avoid special terms and acronyms Item Writing Item Do any questions LEAD or BIAS? Is there more than one way to interpret Is any of the questions? any Are there any “double-barreled” Are questions? questions? Positively AND negatively worded Positively questions (Remember to reverse code) questions As succinct as possible! Alternatives as clear as possib...
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