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Red blackblack black if you are redred or red black

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Unformatted text preview: c,on; not by inbreeding in research •  use data from as many loci as possible •  loci can show different results today’s exercise •  subdivide the room into two assorta,vely ma,ng subpopula,ons •  measure –  FIS –  FST –  FIT today’s exercise •  everyone shuffle and draw two cards –  this is the diploid genotype of an individual –  we will tally Red- Red, Red- Black, Black Black •  compute freq of red- black = Actual heterozygosity in metapopula,on •  compute p (frequency of R), q( frequency of B) in metapopula,on •  compute H0 = expected heterozygosity in metapopula,on •  Divide into two subpopula,ons –  Lej side = Ng popula,on –  Right side = True popula,on in each [email protected]: current [email protected] •  tally Red- Red, Red- Black, Black Black •  compute p (frequency of R) and q (...
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