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Total progeny 6619 85 expected purple 85 6375

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Unformatted text preview: t year’s 1st mid term: In a species of snail, there is a puta,ve Mendelian locus for shell color, C. It is hypothesized that CC and Cc individuals have purple color and cc individuals have white color. In a cross of two Cc individuals, you obtain the following phenotypic ra,o: purple shells: 66 white shells: 19 Use a chi- square test to test whether the data conform to the hypothesis of a single Mendelian locus determining the trait. Use the aPached chart (the one demonstrated in lecture) to find the P value once you have computed the chi- square value. Show your work, otherwise we cannot give par,al credit. total progeny = 66+19 = 85 expected purple = ¾ * 85 = 63.75 expected white = ¼ * 85 = 21.25 purple chi- square: [(66- 63.75)^2]/ 63.75 = 0.079 purp...
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