p male gametes a freq q a freq p aa p2 aa pq a freq

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Unformatted text preview: Mendelian segrega,on at the locus •  4 – ma,ng is random (no sexual selec,on) with respect to the locus •  5 – no muta,ons occur at the locus •  6 – no migra,on into or out of popula,on •  7 – large popula,on size (no gene,c driS) •  8 – no natural selec,on at the locus random mating of gametes to form zygotes: return of the Punnett square one locus, two alleles A,a female gametes A freq. = p male gametes a freq. = q A freq. = p AA p2 Aa pq a freq. = q Aa pq aa q2 frequencies in offspring: AA = p2 Aa = 2pq a a = q2 Book uses terms: freq of AA = P freq of...
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