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Traits are controlled by par7culate factors or units

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Unformatted text preview: te (segregate) randomly •  - a gamete receives either allele with equal likelihood •  - when chromosomes are later discovered and characterized - this becomes the basis for the principle of independent assortment of chromosomes •  Mendel’s first three postulates 1. Traits are controlled by par7culate factors or units (these are later called genes) that exist in pairs (individuals are diploid) •  each individual has one allele from each parent (except for sex- linked traits which were discovered later - see below) •  2. The seven traits show a system of dominance - one allele is dominant - the other is recessive - hybrids between (homozygous - see below) dominant and recessive individuals have the dominant allele's phenotype 3. Alleles at different genes segregate randomly during gamete forma7on (later we will talk about gene7c linkage = non- independent segrega7on of two genes) •  - two alleles of the diploid separate (segregate) randoml...
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