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6 7 based on amino acid sequences bio 367bee 567

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Unformatted text preview: heterogeneous –  Theodosius Dobzhansky - naturalist (collected beetles as a child, studied natural popula1ons of Drosophila extensively) BIO 367/BEE 567 lecture 1 18 Classical school Balance school polymorphism rare common heterozygosity low high Cause of heterozygosity rare mutations maintained by selection variation within populations very low high variation between populations much greater than intrapopulation variation not much greater than intra-population variation selection usually “purifying” “balancing” (heterozygot e advantage) h)p://www.monmsci.net/~kbaldwin/popgen.03.notes.pdf BIO 367/BEE 567 lecture 1 19 Evidence favors the Balance view (somewhat) •  Lewon1n, Hubby 1966 –  Used protein electrophoresis to show that varia1on at the molecular level was common •  Late 60s, 70s, 80s “era of allozymes” –  30- 50% of loci studied have at least 2 electrophore1c variant in popula1ons –  Individuals heterozygous at 6- 12% of loci •  (Drosophila) •  (human/mammals est. 6- 7%, ba...
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