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J muller studied adverse eects of varia1on caused by

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Unformatted text preview: there should have been more homozygotes and fewer heterozygotes than we found if the popula1on were in H- W •  possible explana1ons? Gene1c varia1on is required for evolu1onary change •  Darwinian evolu1on requires: –  Phenotypic varia1on –  Varia1on is heritable –  Not all offspring survive –  Survival of individuals is affected by traits in which heritable varia1on occurs –  =>differen1al reproduc1on of genotypes (i.e. selec1on) BIO 367/BEE 567 lecture 1 16 gene1c varia1on •  required for evolu1onary change •  important in ecology of popula1ons http://capewest.ca/cartoons.html#CARTOONS History of thinking on gene1c varia1on •  “Classical” school –  Drosophilists, Mendelians –  “wild type” –  H.J. Muller - studied adverse effects of varia1on caused by radia1on (thought most non- ”wild type” variants were deleterious) •  “Balance” school –  Animal breeders, Morphometricians –  “wild type” as gene1cally...
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