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Unformatted text preview: slide only had homozygotes (inbred lines) example of heterozygotes for an allozome locus http://www.zoology.siu.edu/ heist/images/ SunfishAllozyme.jpg Taq polymerase Restric+on Endonucleases •  Also called “restric1on enzymes” •  Originally from bacteria –  What might bacteria use them for? •  Enzymes that cut DNA at precise sequences –  Dozens of different enzymes with different “cut sites” Restric1on cut sites are ouen variable: RFLPs = Restric1on Fragment Length Polymorphisms •  pre- PCR •  PCR- era isolate genomic DNA from individuals digest with restric1on enzyme(s) run on gel blot on nitrocellulose and hybridize bound DNA to a radioac1ve probe corresponding to a specific fragment containing a variable restric1on site expose to autoradiographic film •  •  •  •  •  • ...
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