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Unformatted text preview: occur? •  some species: specific DNA sequences •  other species: random with hot spots and cold spots •  “recombina*on landscape” •  (see next 2 slides for examples) True, J.R., Mercer, J.M. and Laurie, C.C. 1996 Differences in crossover frequency and distribu*on among three sibling species of Drosophila. Gene.cs 142:507- 523. Fig. 5 A gene*c map of the X chromosome. The grey plot shows cumula*ve gene*c distance on a 100<ce:hsp sp="0.25"/> kb- step scale with an iden*cal ra*o of cM and Mb scales to those of <ce:cross- ref refid="fig0010"> Fig. 2</ce:cross- ref> maps... C. Phillips , D. Ballard , P. Gill , D. Syndercombe Court , ?. Carracedo , M.V. Lareu The recombina*on landscape around forensic STRs: Accurate measurement of gene*c distances between syntenic STR pairs using HapMap high density SNP data Forensic Science Interna*onal: Gene*cs Volume 6, Issue 3 2012 354 - 365 hkp://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.fsigen.2011.07.012 recombina*on / sexual reproduc*on •  advantages –  DNA repair –  recombina*on = varia*on among offspring •  survival in varying environment •  survival of epidemic diseases, parasites •  Avoiding Muller’s ratchet (see later slide) •  disadvantages –  several costs •  (1) cost of males = males do not produce offspring •  => asexual species = all females = all produce offspring •  (John Maynard Smith) •  (2) costs of ma*ng = finding males, sexual behavior (risky), sexually transmiked diseases •  (3) cost of recombina*on –  breaks up advantageous mul*- locus genotypes •  (4) “cost of meiosis” – sexual females are only half as related to their female offspring as asexual females (George Williams) hkp://www.mchumor.com/00images/0877_sex_cartoon.gif the cost of males (John Maynard Smith) •  in a sexual popula*on at equilibrium (pop size not changing) –  each female on average...
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