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Depend on current popula7on size by itself unless

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Unformatted text preview: will be very complicated •  some ques7ons will be very complex with long literature trails •  do your best •  different reading styles –  some people look at figures first –  some people read text first today •  effec7ve popula7on size •  natural selec7on •  overdominance/heterozygote advantage •  Thursday –  discussion of literature ar7cle assignment –  exercise on popula7on subdivision and calcula7ng F sta7s7cs as we have seen •  strength of dri_ –  depends on size of [email protected] •  but dri_ does not depend on current popula7on size by itself, unless: ①  there is an equal sex ra7o ②  there is no sexual selec7on ③  there is no natural selec7on ④  subpopula7on size remains the same each genera7on •  these are unrealis7c assump7ons Effec7ve Popula7on Size: Ne •  ideal case –  IF all assump7ons in previous side are true –  THEN Ne = actual popula7on size N...
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