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Unformatted text preview: are “crossed” (not nested) –  individuals at each level of each factor are also represented at each level of the other factor –  in this case, members of each half sibling family raised in each of the two environments •  F- test for main effect –  test whether phenotypic values at each level of that factor differ significantly when they are averaged over the levels of the other factors •  significant sire effect does not depend on the environment and vice versa Seasonal polyphenism, an example of phenotypic plasticity Scott Gilbert, Developmental Biology http://9e.devbio.com/article.php?ch=22& %20id=212 How to detect gene:c vs. environmental effects •  “Common garden” experiment –  place strains with different average phenotypes, from different environments, into same environment (single field plot, greenhouse, lab) •  should reveal gene:cally based difference •  disadvantage: common environment is oWen unnatural, may reveal effects not relevant to differences in natural environments •  Reciprocal transplant experiment –  place some replicates of strains in each of two or more environments, one of which is...
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