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On of the factors one factor by itself may have an

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Unformatted text preview: of genotype by environment interac:on: change in variance between environments “variance G x E” how do we detect G x E sta:s:cally? •  two- way ANOVA •  tests the effects on the trait of interest of two main factors; here: genotype, environment •  also tests the interac.on of the factors –  one factor by itself may have an effect, e.g. +x –  the other factor by itself may have an effect. e.g. +y –  if the joint effect is simply +(x+y) then the factors do not interact, they are “addi:ve” –  however if the two factors together have a joint effect that is significantly different than +(x+y) then they sta:s:cally interact structure of the experment/data for a two- way ANOVA factor interac:on in two way ANOVA •  factors...
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