F13 lecture 13

5 phenotypes aa 15 aa 9 aa 8 midpoint of homozygotes

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Unformatted text preview: ac2on is specific to trait and gene •  theore2cal e.g. •  preda2on in a shrimp species by fish depends on fish size –  above a threshold size, shrimp are too large for the fish to handle •  if a shrimp locus has addi2ve effects, if heterozygotes are above the size threshold, then it will show dominance for preda;on resistance epistasis – interac2on between alleles at different loci note underdominance at C locus amoung individuals with at least one B allele http://i1.treknature.com/photos/11923/danaus_chrysippus_1.jpg quan;fying gene ac;on at a single locus a shows whether gene is major or minor gene (or somewhere in between) for the phenotype in the presence of epistasis – have to consider “backgrounds” separately C locus has a larger additive effect on wing length in the BB or Bb background (a=0.48) than the bb background a=0.33) BUT, because d/a i...
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