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E most traits classical approach correla2ons among

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Unformatted text preview:   on Thursday we will calculate a mid- parent offspring regression based on class height & handedness data quan2ta2ve gene2cs •  the study of the gene2c basis of con2nuously varying traits – “quan2ta2ve traits” •  phenotypic value (measure) determined by varia2on at mul2ple genes •  i.e. most traits •  classical approach – correla2ons among rela2ves with known rela2onship (rij) •  more recent approach – quan2ta2ve trait locus (QTL) mapping popula2on gene2cs vs. quan2ta2ve gene2cs popula;on gene;cs •  discrete phenotypes •  known loci •  known alleles and allele effects quan;a;ve gene;cs •  con2nuously varying phenotypes •  unknown loci •  unknown #s of loci •  unknown allelic effects –  most basic case: assume addi2ve alleles •  need to calculate sta2s2cs on phenotypes –  mean –  variance ...
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