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1416 after grant 1986 direct and indirect selec8on

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Unformatted text preview: ship between fitness and both characters Selec%on gradients in Darwin’s finches (Grant 1986; Grant and Grant 1989) •  Severe drought in Galapagos in 1977, seeds became sparse, high mortality •  Larger body size was favored Futuyma, Fig. 14.16 after Grant 1986 direct and indirect selec8on add up to total selec8on on a trait S1 = overall selection on trait 1 β1 = standardized selection gradient on trait 1 (β’s from previous slides) r’s = correlation coefficients between trait 1 and other traits breakdown of total selection on elytra length note •  indirect selec8on is a dis8nct phenomenon from correlated responses to selec8on (discussed previously) –  indirect selec8on •  takes place within a genera8on •  due to phenotypic correla8ons –  correlated responses to selec8on •  take place across genera8ons •  due to gene8c correla8ons •  we talked about...
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