F13 lecture 22

Fitness trait 1 trait 2 gene8c correla8on and

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Unformatted text preview: correla8onal selec8on in an earlier lecture (see example of snake escape behavior and color paaern) –  two traits interac8ng to determine fitness INDIRECT SELECTION Selec8on Trait 1 CORRELATED RESPONSES TO SELECTION Selec8on Trait 2 Phenotypic Correla8on (might also be a gene8c correla8on) Example: in ar8ficial selec8on, Selec8ng on oil content will Cause indirect selec8on on Protein content if the two traits are phenotypically correlated Fitness Trait 1 Trait 2 Gene8c correla8on (and phenotypic correla8on) Example: in snakes, certain combina8ons of color paaern and escape behavior affect the ability to evade predators (i.e. fitness). These two traits have...
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