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Leswordpresscom 201009impa8ens pallida 2010 08 22

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Unformatted text preview: ominator of the next less inclusive component attendance = # nights male beetles seen on fungal surface, where mating occurs in the fungus beetle data •  the selec8on gradient for life8me insemina8ons if 0.94 (sta8s8cally significant) •  the only sta8s8cally significant gradient of the individual fitness components: copula8on aaempts per courtship •  from observa8ons it is known that males ojen disrupt the courtships of other mates •  => mul8plica8ve analysis provides evidence this is the agent of selec8on measuring selection gradient across different environments varying for a hypothetical causal agent of selection can provide evidence to support that hypothesis theoretical illustration: locations also varied in several important plant nutrients Stewart and Schoen 1987 Impatiens pallida hap:// florapiasburghensis.files.wordpress.com/ 2010/09/impa8ens- pallida- 2010- 08- 22- mount- lebanon- 01.jpg Stewart and Schoen 1987 Impati...
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