F13 lecture 14

Families 4 offspring per family 50 families more

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Unformatted text preview: ng” line through a cloud of points (see Box 4.1 in book) –  R2 = correlaIon coefficient = proporIon of variaIon in y (dependent variable) that is explained by x (independent variable) –  slope = an esImate of h2 some details •  the slope associated with a P- value –  we won’t worry about this here (can’t be easily calculated in Excel) •  increasing # offspring per pair (family) increases confidence (precision) of each point –  decreases standard error –  does not affect the slope of the regression –  does not predictably affect R2 ß།-------2 offspring per family (50 families) 4 offspring per family (50 families) -------------à༎ more info on regression •  technique o...
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