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Unformatted text preview: .60 2.97 1.00 total 492 VE redux •  recall previous discussion on environmental variaIon –  growing replicates in lab to reduce env. variance –  but there is always some VE (e.g. “vial effect”) •  by reducing VE as much as possible and using replicates, can get a reasonable esImate of VG –  but in most organisms can’t do this (don’t have geneIcally idenIcal individuals, strains) => need to use correlaIons between relaIves to esImate heritability •  simplest: offspring- parent regression –  also called “offspring- midparent regression”, “parent- offspring regression” •  rules of thumb: –  minimum 15 pairs (families) –  30- 50 pairs usually necessary for precise esImates –  uniform environment generally needed –  need to measure all individuals at the same developmental stage linear regression •  recall equaIon for a straight line •  y = mx + b m = slope b = y- intercept •  textbook: y = a + bx a = y- intercept b = slope •  linear regression finds the “best- fi]...
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