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F13 lecture 19 v3

Cause trait correla0ons calcula0ng re not in book re

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Unformatted text preview: slides) –  addi0ve gene0c correla0on rA •  correla0on of “breeding values” = see lecture 13 •  environmental correla0on rE –  contribu0on of environment to similarity between two traits •  e.g. height and weight might always be correlated but they might be more correlated in some environments (e.g. food rich) than others if there is addi0ve gene0c correla0on (rA) between two traits •  selec0on on one of the traits will cause a correlated response in the other trait •  •  •  •  •  rela0ve importance of rA and rE rP = hXhYrA + eXeYrE h = square root of narrow sense heritability e2 = 1 – h2 => e = sqrt(1 – h2) => if heritability is high, rP is determined largely by addi0ve gene0c correla0on note on rE •  includes true environmental...
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