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G morphology metabolic rate will have more pleiotropy

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Unformatted text preview: > environmental factors like food supply tend to affect the brain and body the same way some nega0ve correla0ons are adap0ve •  garter snakes: color paAern – reversal behavior –  Brodie (1992) found that striped individuals tended to not reverse course when fleeing and non- striped (speckled, etc.) individuals tended to frequently reverse course when fleeing hAp://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/matchingmole/Bird%2520Science/ 800px- Coast_Garter_Snake.jpg hAp://farm4.sta0c.flickr.com/3416/3636030776_c4b18e46c5.jpg graph from Futuyma Evolu0on 2nd ed. 2009 how to es0mate addi0ve gene0c correla0ons using offspring parent data: use same ma0ng designs as for es0ma0ng vG (vA) and heritability both traits are measured instead of just one trait two es0mates – use the average of rA(1) and rA(2) as the final es0mate of addi0ve gene0c correla0on capital leAers = midparent value...
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