F13 lecture 19 v3

F13 lecture 19 v3

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Unformatted text preview: effects that cause trait correla0ons •  AND includes nonaddi0ve gene0c effects (VG = VA + VD + others) that cause trait correla0ons Calcula0ng rE (not in book) rE = (rA(1) – rA(2)*sqrt(h1*h2))/sqrt((1-h1)(1-h2)) For two traits measured in same individuals (same enviroment) P1 = G1 + E1; P2 = G2 + E2 rE is the correlation between E1 and E2 effects for most morphological traits •  all three (rP, rA or rG, and rE) tend to be posi0ve –  large organisms tend to be large for all traits due to both gene0c and environmental factors •  some0mes gene0c and environmental correla0on have opposite signs –  might be due to trade- offs, in house mice rG for brain size – body size pair is nega0ve •  gene0c factors that increase one tend to decrease the other –  but rE is posi0ve =...
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