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Variance vavp s selection differential s frequency

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Unformatted text preview: is0nguish hAp://www.pigeoncote.com/images/jacwhite.jpg –  Ar0ficial selec0on –  Laboratory selec0on –  Natural selec0on •  Heritability is a good predictor of short term responses to selec0on but a bad predictor of long term trajectories selec0on differen0al •  = (mean of individuals selected to breed) – (overall popula0on mean) –  selec0ng from one end of a phenotypic distribu0on is called “trunca0on selec0on” •  ar0ficial selec0on experiments require: •  gene0cally diverse star0ng popula0ons (usually made by crossing popula0ons or lines that are expected to be gene0cally divergent) –  ooen schemes involve more than 2 popula0ons •  without a substan0al level of gene0c diversity to start with, ar0ficial selec0on cannot work Long term ar0ficial selec0on •  Is not well predicted by heritability es0mates...
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