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Chicago in 1970s natural selecon is depicted as in

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Unformatted text preview: u,ng to varia,on in the trait Effect of popula,on size on selec,on efficiency •  Weber and Diggins (1990) - effect of popula,on size on selec,on for ethanol resistance in Drosophila L: pop size = 1600 Unusual clinging behavior evolved (flies died sooner than they fell). S: pop size = 160 Ethanol resistance measured as time before “knockdown” into collecting vessel. Natural selec,on •  acts on whole organisms –  not on subsets of the genotype –  not on single phenotypic traits •  evolu,on by natural selec,on requires: –  phenotypic varia,on –  rela,onship between variable phenotype and actual fitness –  addi,ve...
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