F13 lecture 21 v2

Solidaginis gall in the goldenrod solidago al3ssima

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Unformatted text preview: bution) fitness function: linear fitness function: quadratic (parabola) fitness function: quadratic (inverse parabola) quadra,c fitness func,on w = fitness α = y-intercept β = slope of fitness function γ = estmates amount of curvature in the fitness function large γ => narrow parabola small γ => wide parabola if β = 0 and g is negative => stabilizing selection; no overall trend in the data; slope always decreasing (as you go away from the fitness maximum) Stabilizing selec,on in nature •  Wild ancestors of many domes,cated and laboratory species –  Gene,c varia,on for extreme trait values is present, but those traits (e.g. high bristle number) are not present •  Tradeoffs between the advantages and disadvantages of certain traits –  e.g. body size •  Intraspecific compe,,on? •  Suscep,bility fo predators/parasites? •  Nutri,onal needs? Stabilizing selec,on in nature •  Stabilizing and direc,onal selec,on...
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